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PD & ESL Endorsement

PD Bites: A Buffet of Learning

A focus on English Learners and Culturally Responsive Teaching

PD Bites are mini, on-demand professional development modules that can be completed in a variety of ways and on your own schedule. Modules are designed to take an average of 30 minutes.

Who will want to use PD Bites?

Teachers - Complete modules at your own pace and on your own schedule.

PLC Teams - Complete modules together during PLC meetings.

Administrators - Use modules as a part of faculty meeting.

You will receive relicensure points for each PD module you complete.

Go to "course information," under the "URL" section you will find links to the Canvas module. Follow the instructions to access each module. Modules must be completed on Canvas.

Once the module is completed, relicensure points will be awarded in JPLS and you will be able to print a certificate or see it on your transcript. Please note that modules are graded by a real human, so they do take some time to show on JPLS.

Flyer for schools

Contact Tammy Fulmer if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's on the menu in PD Bites?

  •  Short PD minutes for quick understanding. No credit.
  •  30 minute modules that can be complete for relicensure points or combined with "dessert" to receive USBE credit.
  • To receive USBE credit, a guided implementation assignment/project must be completed in addition to the required seat time and payment to receive USBE credit will need to be made through JPLS. When you get to the point of getting credit, a teacher specialist will assist you in making sure all requirements have been met.
  •  (Discussion Boards) - This is the "Share Space" where teachers can post and share ideas or pose questions for discussion. Discussions will be moderated for content and appropriateness. This will be a positive professional networking and sharing space. Negative and inappropriate discussions will be deleted.

What technology should I use?

  • Modules are best completed on a laptop. 
  • Modules can also be completed using the Canvas app for Android or iPhone. However, some interactive learning activities will be difficult or not possible on small phones, and are better accessed on a laptop or tablet.
  • We realize that some of the links embedded in the modules are now asking you to pay for a subscription to their website.  Please be patient with us as we update and make changes.  In the meantime, you may use to access those videos.  Thank you.

ESL Endorsement Options

Jordan District

January 2022 Application.

Application deadline: November 14th
Cost: $750 ($125 per class)

Hybrid Cohort 3O:
Tuesday Evenings
January-December (no summer classes)

Online Cohort 31:
Homework due on Sundays
January -December (no summer classes)

Contact: Andrea Schneiter

MIDAS USBE (Temporary Program)

Cost: *FREE
Online Program: This twelve-week course investigates how course participants can work collaboratively with school staff and community to create a learning environment that supports and advocates for English Learners (ELs)* and their families.
Register Here
* MIDAS credit is not university credit and all decisions about salary lane change are decided by the policies of each local district/Local Education Agency (LEA) and not USBE. 

Central Utah Education System (CUES)


Cost: $1,200 ($200 per class)
Type of Program: Hybrid - to include face-to-face* and online sessions with practicum (practical experience) in each course. *Face-to-face sessions are delivered online through IVC (Interactive Video Conferencing).
Beginning Dates: Participants can join any time a new course begins.
Duration: Approximately a year and a half (no courses during Summer).
Contact: Jason Strate (CUES)

Requirements for taking this program.
These are not optional.

  • Must be able to hardwire into the internet - No wifi (Plug into your modem at home or a data port at school)
  • Must use a Chrome browser
  • Computer must have a camera and a microphone

Advanced Certificate for Teaching English Learners Through Midas

Offered by Utah State Board of Education in partnership with the University of Utah. Search by course name: ESL. This course is free to teachers, but the certificate is only valid in Utah.