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The following information is intended to help address concerns or questions that may have arisen from a hidden video of Jordan School District staff which was recently posted online. All employees are required to adhere to the policies and procedures outlined below, as well as all applicable State law, code, and Board Rule. We encourage anyone who suspects a violation to report it immediately to the District administration or through the District hotline.

Q. Can parents request to opt their student out of classroom instruction?
A. Yes, parents can opt their student(s) out of classroom instruction. We value parent participation in their child’s education and respect a parent’s right to opt out of classroom content. District policy “gives students the option, without penalty, of an alternate assignment when requested by a parent.”

Q. How does a parent initiate an opt out request?
A. Contact the teacher and the school principal.

Q. Does Jordan School District comply with the law and state board rule?
A. Yes. All administrators and educators are required to abide by Utah law, board administrative rules, and official policy, including R277-328 Education Equity in Schools.

Q. Does Jordan School District teach Critical Race Theory?
A. No. We do not teach Critical Race Theory in Jordan School District. We follow the law and USBE rules which prohibit schools from teaching or training:

  • “That one race is inherently superior or inferior to another race.”
  • “That an individual should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment because of the individual’s race.”
  • “That an individual’s moral character is determined by the individual’s race.”

We want to clarify that concepts listed above are not a part of Jordan School District’s curriculum and never have been.

Q. Can a school call a student by their preferred name or gender pronoun?
A. Yes, with parent permission. Also, any official name change in Skyward must be approved by parents.

Q. Does the Jordan School District support Social and Emotional Learning
A. Yes. Jordan School District is committed to supporting each individual's development of social and emotional skills. There are a number of resources and tools which support students, educators, and families in developing these skills accessed through this website.

Q. What is the role of the office of Language and Culture Services?
A. The role of Language & Culture Services (LCS) is to provide culture and language support to schools, families, and communities of diverse backgrounds. We do this by providing support services such as language assessment, enrolling newcomer students, conducting home visits, translating, interpreting, and conducting staff training. We also help students and staff appreciate the unique role each students' culture brings to our school community. We believe in the importance of every individual student growing and progressing while part of the Jordan School District. Students in our district represent 93 countries, speak over 63 languages, and bring a world of knowledge to our classrooms.

Q. What is the Giraffe Club Presentation?
A. The Giraffe Club presentation is adapted from Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage (REACH) for kids. It focuses on the importance of being kind to others, to understand and celebrate the value of human diversity, and not judging  before getting to know about someone or something. Students learn how to be a leader in their community.

Q. Why is it called the Giraffe Club?
A. It is called the Giraffe Club because just like giraffes, students are encouraged to stick their necks out for others and support one another. While all giraffes have spots, no two giraffes have the same kinds of spots.

Q. Can parents opt out of the Giraffe Club or other presentations?
A. Yes, parents can opt their student(s) out of presentations. Notification will be given to parents ahead of time so they can prepare and talk to students regarding the content of this presentation. For more information about parent involvement in class content, please refer to District Policy D200.

Q. How do I report concerns regarding law or policy?
A. Parents and guardians with concerns should contact their student’s teacher or school administrator to work towards a solution. Those who have contacted the appropriate people at the school, but feel the issue has not been resolved may report their concern to the District’s fraud, waste, or non-compliance page. Those who provide contact information will receive an update as outlined in Policy D200

Q. How do I request support regarding issues of inclusion, culture, or diversity for my student or school?
A. Parents should contact their student’s teacher or school administrator for additional support and resources. Parents may also find valuable information and resources on these websites: