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Teaching pronunciation with a mask on
Request a translator/interpreter
Interpreter Etiquette
How to translate Google Meet subtitles into Spanish (Video)


Resources For Teaching ELs



Curriculum for MLs

Math with ELs in Mind

  • Areas in Math ELs Struggle With |Article|
  • Six Strategies to Empower ELs in Math |Webinar|
    • Understand how deeply parents care about their child's education (minute 13:48)
    • Get the name right and learn hello in their native language (minute 18:57)
    • Make it visual (20:35)
    • Surround them with success (31:26)
    • Sometimes competence comes before confidence (34:05)
    • Connect with their culture (44:03)
  • Math Differences in other countries |PowerPoint|

Social Studies with ELs in Mind

Create Curriculum for MLs

  • Creating a Vocabulary list with definitions and images with ONE click using Read&Write Google Chrome Extension |video

Create Scaffolds for MLs

Online Resources

  • Valentina's Blog: Take a look through the information, ideas, and infographics created by an ESL star teacher.