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Culture and Diversity Equity Plan

The mission of Education Language Services is to provide culturally competent educational support to schools, families, and communities of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds through program services, professional interaction, effective communication, and community collaboration.

In alignment with the mission and vision of Jordan School District, we have a four tier plan in place to support our goals.

Tier I. Inclusive Environment (Teachers, District and Administration)

The Culture and Diversity Team is committed to creating a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for all students, employees, and community members from diverse backgrounds and cultures.


  • Provide workshops to administration, teachers and students on how to be apart of the inclusive environment and how students can be a leader in assisting others
  • Assisting schools identify key structures that allow for a safe environment in schools through Equity Surveys and Culturally Responsive Environment checklists

School Action Plan

  • Teachers and administrators will create an inclusive culturally responsive environment for students
    1. Utilize the Professional Development bites on the ELS website for training on Culturally Responsive Environments
    2. Learn about the importance of cultures represented in realia such as: literacy, art, role-models, and student representation throughout the school and in the classroom
  • Teachers and administrators will provide a safe environment for students to have courageous conversations
    1. Provide students a safe space (a trusted adult in the building, a wellness room, school psychologist) to process their world without fear of ridicule or retribution from either their classmates, teachers, or administrators
    2. Seek additional support from the Culture and Diversity Team for small group pull-outs or individual meetings so students can feel safe expressing themselves
    3. Request a consultation to have the Culture and Diversity Team support, train, or teach a lesson on Crucial Conversations

Tier II. Equity & Opportunity for Jordan School District Employees

The Culture and Diversity Team is committed to supporting all employees through training and recruitment to ensure that we represent and respect the diversity of our students.


  • Increase Teacher/Administrator recruitment efforts that represent the diversity of the Jordan School District
  • Establish School Diversity & Equity Committees that work with the District and Board of Education through the ELS task force
  • Increase diversity and cultural education training for all employees

School Action Plan

  • HR and Cultural & Diversity Recruiting Specialist will work cooperatively to actively recruit a diverse workforce
  • Each school will create a Diversity and Equity committee that will work with the Culture and Diversity Department to assure each school’s individual needs are being met or
  • Each school will have a representative to be on the ELS task force to assist with compliance, Diversity, and Culture in their location and for the District
  • All employees will attend and complete the Professional Development bites on Culturally Responsive Training available through the ELS Department.
    Here is a list of the training available:

    • Culturally Responsive Teaching Matters!
    • Culture - Yours, Mine, and Ours
    • Being Seen as an Individual - Luxury or Right?
    • Equity Literacy
    • Understanding and Planning for Differentiation
    • Creating a Classroom Where Everyone Feels Welcome

Tier III. Cultural Competence ¹ (Students and Teachers)

The Culture and Diversity Team is committed to providing opportunities to incorporate student’s funds of knowledge¹, cultural competencies, the expertise, and skill sets that students bring to the classroom from their homes and communities.


  • Implement Culturally Relevant Pedagogy ² , Culturally Responsive Teaching³
  • Cultural Inclusive Curriculum
  • Intercultural Engagement Opportunities

Action Plan

  • Support teachers in applying Culturally Responsive Teaching in the classroom through pedagogy, teaching, curriculum, and instruction
  • Provide structure for multicultural councils

Tier IV. Family & Community Opportunity (Parents and Community)

The Culture and Diversity Team1 is committed to its partnership with parents/guardians/caregivers and community stakeholders to ensure that all students are receiving an unbiased education that connects to an inclusive environment.


  • Parent/Guardians/Caregivers Advisory Committees (ex. Multicultural Councils and Affinity Groups)
  • Celebrations of cultural wealth as a community
  • Diverse community leader engagement
  • Inclusive and unbiased cultural education
  • Bilateral communication between administration, staff, families, and community members.

School Action Plan

  • Establish advisory committees consisting of diverse community members, faculty and staff, students and their families
  • Execute programming for community members to take part in interactive and educational cultural celebrations.
  • Provide for the needs of diverse families by compiling information and resources to make them readily available. Disseminate the district’s message of inclusion and equity.


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1 CDO, update 9/2020

Culture, Diversity & Parent Outreach Team